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Welcome to the Repo ! The Genetic Opera Wiki where you can anything that you need to know about the horror/musical rock opera! This site can be edited by anyone and everything on it has to do with Repo! If it does not, it will be deleted

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List of Characters From Repo

List of Songs From Repo

List of Items, Places etc. From Repo

Repo! The Genetic Opera Wiki Updates!

  • 4/21/09-Many character page updates and the song list page has been created.
  • 4/20/09-Page for Shilo Wallace has been created.
  • 4/20/09-The site makes it debut!
What You Can Do To Help the Site!

  • Wanna help make this site bigger? You can help by creating character pages, certain items in the movies (ie:Zydrate) or great people who helped make this film. To really help this site, the best thing you can do is to support it. Make it better then it is. Tell people about it! With your help, we can make an awesome wiki for an awesome film!

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