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Marni Wallace

Marni Wallace is Shilo's dead mother and Nathan's late wife.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Marni was fatally poisoned by an enraged Rotti, to whom she was engaged before breaking off the engagement and eloping with Nathan. Blind Mag was her best friend, and she asked her to be the godmother to Shilo before her death.

Though not much about Marni's life apart from her associations with Rotti, Nathan and Mag are revealed, when Mag shows Shilo the hologram projection of Marni, Marni is singing. It is possible that, like Mag, Marni was a singer, or at least had an interest in it.

Relationships Edit

Nathan Wallace Edit

Marni and Nathan eloped after Marni left Rotti, and it is safe to assume that their relationship was a happy one, for however long it lasted. Nathan was devastated after Marni's death, and carried the grief for seventeen years.

Rotti Largo Edit

Though she left him at the altar, it is generally believed that Marni was in love with Rotti prior to her meeting Nathan and falling in love with him.

Blind Mag Edit

Though their friendship was never explored indepth, Mag and Marni were known to be best friends. Marni was the one who introduced Mag to Rotti when the pair was dating. During the flashback to Mag's surgery, Marni is seen standing by Mag's bedside.

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